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Our Process


If you don’t already have the land to build, we have the resources to find your potential property with your desired needs.

Construction Site Managers
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Before purchasing land it is always best to do our due diligence in making sure the property is feasible to build. This would be making sure the zoning allows the type of project we want to accomplish and also making sure we know all the start-up costs to make the property suitable to build with no development constraints that we are unaware of.


At this stage, we will begin working with our architect to design and engineer a set of plans that will be submitted to the city/county for approval. We will establish your tentative build schedule, layout your budget, and make sure we head into the building phase with efficiency to add the most value to your project.

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This is the project execution phase where all your ideas and our strategic planning come into action. Breaking ground is where your entire project team works seemingly to synchronize all the moving parts to complete your home on schedule, on budget, and on the concept.


Congratulations! You are one step closer to settling down into your new custom-built home! After the construction is complete, you will enter your closing process and be able to do a final walk-through. Lastly, we will do our post-construction clean-up and walk you through what to expect for home and product warranties and overall care and maintenance information. Once everything is approved and completed you are ready to close on the home and schedule your move-in date.

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** Custom home building is different for every potential customer. This is a broad example of your building journey. Contact us for a free consultation for us to tailor your home to your specific aspirations! **

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